CRDF is happy to pass along communication of the conditional acceptance of the Bayer CropScience request for a 24(c) SLN Registration of ADMIRE® PRO for use on young citrus trees in Florida. This effort will provide additional assistance in suppressing ACP populations on young citrus trees that are 5-9 feet tall and are vulnerable to psyllid infestation. The attached correspondence from FDACS details the 24(c) approval. The approved label is attached. Please refer to the label and note the specifics of use that are provided for with this registration:
Details include:
• Change in the annual amount that can be applied to young citrus trees 5-9 feet tall in Florida
• Application to this tree size class cannot occur between November 1 and full petal fall
• Changes only apply to the specific tree size targeted with this request
• The SLN approval is for a fixed period which ends December 31, 2014

CRDF wants to thank the Florida Department of Agriculture, US, EPA for their thorough evaluation and determination in approving this registration. In addition, the participation of Florida citrus growers, the CRDF Commercial Product Development Committee, and University of Florida researchers assisted the process by establishing the basis for the need and by providing information to support the request. Our thanks to Bayer CropScience for working with the industry and the regulatory agencies to make this improvement to our ability to manage Asian citrus psyllid. Finally, this process also was greatly assisted through the efforts of Mr. Dan Botts of FFVA, who coordinated the effort and provided the communication link with all involved.