Project Funding Lists

Please follow the link below for a list of projects funded by the California Research Board. Researchers are posting progress reports on these projects at Project_List  Updated: 7-29-2011

InnoCentive™ New Molecule and RNAi Challenges Extended!

The Citrus Research and Development Foundation is partnering with InnoCentive™ to offer cash prizes for potential citrus greening solutions. The CRDF is requesting proposals for new approaches to control greening (also known as huanglongbing, or HLB). HLB threatens citrus production around the world and since 2005 has spread throughout all of the commercial citrus producing counties in […]

CRDF Takes Balanced Approach

Citrus Industry: May 2011 The mission of the Citrus Research and Development Foundation is to convert research into solutions to protect citrus production from threats of infectious disease. Our process is as rigorous, objective, transparent and as fast as we can achieve. The projects are selected by scientific merit and the likelihood of yielding an […]

No-Cost Extension Instructions

The No-Cost Extension is a two-page form. Complete only the first page with your project specifications, specifying your reason for the extension and indicating the date to which you would like your current funding extended. It is not necessary to complete Page 2 of this form.  Email your completed No-Cost Extension request form to . Download […]

X Download Forms

Welcome to the forms and instructions resource page. This pages contains direct links to the latest versions of CRDF online forms and other documents for submitting reports and proposals. These forms are best saved to your local computer, completed and then submitted either through the Submit button on the form or as an email attachment to […]

Press Release: Sweet Orange Genome Published at

Roche and the University of Florida just yesterday in a press release that researchers from the International Citrus Genomics Consortium have made the genomes of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) and Clementine Mandarin (Citrus clementina) available on This project was funded in part by the Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council (a precursor to the […]

Lakeland Ledger Reports on HLB Conference

Last week, around 400 citrus scientists from around the world gathered in Orlando to share their knowledge and ideas on citrus HLB. The take-home message from the Second International Research Conference on Huanglongbing is that there is hope on the horizon for managing the disease. Kevin Bouffard, a newspaper reporter for the Lakeland Ledger, wrote […]

Coca-Cola and Cutrale Donate $3 Million for Greening Research

The Coca-Cola Company and Cutrale Citrus Juices of Brazil each recently donated $1.5 million (for a total of $3 million) to the Citrus Research and Development Foundation to help fight greening research. Since 2009, the Foundation has collaborated with the National Academy of Sciences to advance this disease research. These donations reflect the industry’s commitment […]

Full Proposal Submission Instructions

There are three documents you need to submit with your full proposal package: Full Proposal Document (up to 15 pages) The two-page Proposal Cover Sheet (required) Supplemental Budget Forms (if needed) Together, these three documents comprise your Full Proposal Package. You will probably want to write your Full Proposal Document before your Cover Sheet. The […]

Call for Proposals: CATP10

The Citrus Research and Development Foundation requests research proposals to develop solutions to control Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing, or HLB), Canker and other emerging diseases threatening Florida citrus production. New research initiatives should complement the existing portfolio of research projects currently summarized in the progress reports posted on our Quarterly Reports Search Page. Interested applicants may submit a […]