FDACS received notification late December that the Tree Health Section 18 had been approved for calendar year 2019. As discussed in their approval letter which is attached there are several changes to the original condition and coverage. The THS18 in 2019 covers only two products, FireWall© 50 WP and Mycoshield©. The other component in the original THS18, FireLine© 17 WP received federal approval for Citrus group 10-10 on December 4, 2018 and as a result can be used under the approved federal label associated with that decision.

FDACS is in the process of going through their “significant new use” review process for that product and labelling should be available in the near future.

Following are links to the approvals and labels:
19FL02 and 19FL03 – EPA Approval 2019 recertification 20181221
FDACS approval notification to FFVA 20190102
Mycoshield_Sec 18 Label_FL Citrus_19FL02
FireWall 50 WP S18 19FL03

There are several changes and conditions in EPA’s approval letter to note:

  1. The recertification is for FireWall© 50 WP (19FL03) and Mycoshield© (19FL02) and expires December 31, 2019.
  2. There are changes to the number of applications of Mycoshield© from the original section 18. The number of applications has been dropped from 8 to 5. This is in line with the original request for a total of 8 applications across the two Oxytetracycline formulations in the original petition. With the Federal approval of three applications for Fireline 17 WP the total quantity of oxytetracycline has not changed but if 8 applications are used the federally approved product would be required for three of the eight.
  3. In condition 12, page 3 of the letter, perimeter of the treated area posting is required as a notice to the public not to enter the treated area with in the reentry interval for each product.
  4. There are slight changes in the WPS protective clothing statements to align the language to that required on the FireLine© 17 WP approved label
  5. The time limited tolerances for the section 18 for each of the active ingredients remain unchanged:

Streptomycin is 2 ppm on whole fruit and 6 ppm for dried citrus pulp

Oxytetracycline is 0.40 ppm in/on citrus fruit.

  1. Resistance Monitoring: In point 17 on page 3 and point 20 on Page 4, the need for resistance monitoring during the use of these products during the section 18 is clearly stated as a requirement. FDACS is required to submit the results of such testing as they become available. The protocol to be followed is that review and accepted by EPA in 2017. EPA has indicated that oxytetracycline will not be available for recertification after 2019 where streptomycin will be eligible for the recertification process with updated information.

The FireLine© 17 WP label is on the February agenda for FDACS Pesticide Registration Evaluation and Review Committee (February 7, 2019) and approval is expected at that time.

If growers have questions regarding the use of Fireline©, especially between now and the time when FDACS completes the Significant New Use Review, they may call Mike Aerts at FFVA.