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IRCHLB V – March 14-17, 2017 – Save the Date!
California Citrus Breeders Roundtable Discussion Memo – IRCHLB

2016-12_CRDF CPD Project Managers Quarterly Progress Report
PDF Seminar – Arcadia – Feb 8 2017
2017 Gaps Analysis report 1-16-17
2016-09_CRDF CPD Project Manager Quarterly Progress Report

Summary of Grower Bactericide Use Survey   August 2016
Citrus Expo 2016 Browning
Citrus Expo 2016 Slinski

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2016-06 CRDF CPD Project Managers Quarterly Progress Report


US Citrus Research Inventory – August 2016
Workshop Summary on Post-Bloom Fruit Drop   6-29-2016
Methods for Evaluating Bactericide Grower Field Trials rev 4-16-16

Field Trial Evaluation Methods for Growers – rev. 3/11/16
2016-03 CRDF CPD Project Manager Quarterly Progress Report
The Use of Bactericides in Plant Agriculture with Reference to Use in Citrus to Mitigate HLB
 – February 2016
Cautionary Statement on Bactericides – Feb. 2016
What is PCR?
How to Sample for PCR
FDACS C. Clark-Sect 18 Update

Strategic Planning Presentation to CRDF BoD – Feb. 23, 2016
CRDF CPD Project Manager Quarterly Progress Report
– December 2015
Thermal Therapy Field Day Handout 12-3-2015
Rootstocks Field Day Handout 11-10-2015
The Coca Cola Company HLB Update to CRDF-August 2015 – presentation by Dr. Anglea to Board
CRDF CPD Project Manager Quarterly Progress Report – June 2015
News Release-Vilsack announces $23 million for Greening
Grower Day Presentations – 3/12/15
USDA, NIFA, SCRI CDRE Approved Projects List – 3/15
USDA, APHIS MAC Projects Funded List – 2/9/15
USDA MAC Group-Stakeholder Suggestion Process Funded Projects List – 2/9/15
Antimicrobial Strategies – Dr. Slinski 1/27/15
Knowledge Mapping Next Steps – Dr. Logue 1/27/15
Psyllid Shield Presentation – Dr. Keesling 9/18/14
Psyllid/RNAi Presentation – Dr. Dawson 9/18/14
Multi-agency Coordination and Shovel Ready Projects – Expo 2014
NuPsyllid Quarterly Report – June 2014
MAC website – Stakeholder Funding Opportunity
Bonita Sprs Educational Seminar Presentations
HLB Therapy Field Day Shows Promise
CPDC Qtly Rpt April 2014 – Project Review
Antimicrobial Strategy – GRAS-like compounds
CRDF Brazil Trip Report – October 2013
Antibiotic Strategy paper 10-13-2013 – An Outline of the Antimicrobial Strategy