CATP15 Research Projects Approved for Funding*

15-028 Wang UF Control citrus Huanglongbing (HLB) by counteracting the SA hydroxylase of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus
15-010 Gmitter UF Development and Commercialization of Improved New Disease Resistant Scions and Rootstocks – the Key For a Sustainable and Profitable Florida Citrus Industry
15-025 Stover USDA-ARS HLB Resistance and Tolerance in Citrus Scion Breeding
15-009 Gabriel UF Exploiting the Las phage for potential control of HLB: year 3
15-005 Dewdney UF Asexual inoculum production of Guignardia citricarpa, the causal agent of citrus black spot
15-026 Stover USDA-ARS Implementing Transgenic Tools to Produce Commercial Scion Cultivars Resistant to HLB and Canker
15-027 Triplett UF Developing a culture medium for Liberibacter asiaticus through comparative multi ‘omics analysis with its closest cultured relative, L. crescens
15-008 Etxeberria UF Determination of CLas signal in HLB-affected citrus trees
15-002 Bowman USDA-ARS Development of Supersour and Other Promising Rootstocks for Florida
15-024 Stelinski UF Predicting When, Why, and Where Asian citrus psyllids move to increase effectiveness of insecticide sprays.
15-022 Reuber Two Blades Fdn. Engineering citrus for canker resistance
15-023 Schumann UF Citrus nutrition studies for improved survival of HLB-affected trees
15-013 Grosser UF Understanding and Manipulating the Interaction of Rootstocks and Constant Nutrition to Enhance the Establishment, Longevity and Profitability of Citrus Plantings in HLB-Endemic Areas.
15-003 Bowman USDA-ARS Metabolomic profiling to accelerate development of HLB tolerant rootstocks
15-020 Mou UF Create citrus varieties resistant to Huanglongbing (HLB) through transgenic and nontransgenic approaches
15-021 Pelz-Stelinski UF Regulation of Las transmission and microbial colonization by the Asian citrus psyllid immune system
15-017 Killiny UF Disrupt LuxR solo quorum sensing that mediates plant virulence and insect transmission of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus to control the disease
15-042 Wang UF Control citrus Huanglongbing using endophytic microbes from survivor trees

The above list of CATP15 Proposals has been selected for funding* by the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors at their meeting June 18, 2015 based on recommendations by the Scientific Advisory Board and Research Management Committee relative to the other proposals received.

Please note that on several of the projects funding will be contingent on recommendations for changes to Objectives, Duration and/or Budget that have been made by the Scientific Advisory Board and Committee.*

You will be notified within the next few days of the specific changes that have been recommended to your proposal, and advised which documents must be revised.  PI’s whose project funding is contingent on the recommendations will be expected to re-submit the required documents as outlined in your notification within 15 days to be considered for final approval.

Should you have any questions, please email to [email protected]