As part of its communication plan, the Citrus Research and Development Foundation publishes a monthly column in the Citrus Industry Magazine in an effort to keep growers and researchers informed on Foundation news as well as progress on research projects.  With the establishment of Commercial Product Delivery projects to bring research results to solutions for the industry, progress in this area also is included in updates.   The Citrus Industry Magazine columns are posted here.

CRDF April 2019 – Next Steps: Large-Scale Field Trials

CRDF March 2019 – Data-Driven Planting Decisions

CRDF February 2019 – Top Goal: Giving Growers Immediate Assistance

CRDF January 2019 – Evaluating CRDF’s Committees

CRDF December 2018 – Updating the CRDF Business Plan

CRDF August 2018 – What the New CRDF Leader Learned in Two Weeks

CRDF July 2018 – Recent NAS Report on HLB Research

CRDF June 2018 – CRDF 2018 Funding Cycle Is in Full Swing

CRDF May 2018 – Committed to Clientele-Focused Leadership

CRDF April 2018 – Call for Proposals Is Coming Soon!

CRDF March 2018 – HLB Management, PGRs and Fruit Drop

CRDF February 2018 – Update on Thermotherapy Research

CRDF January 2018 – Studying Soil Microbes and Microbial Amendments

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