CRDF is engaged in a number of important processes that will help shape future directions for funding of research and delivery projects.  It has been eight years since the original call for HLB proposals from the industry, and over 400 projects have been supported.  These represent a wide array of topics and potential solutions, and collectively have contributed substantially to our understanding of HLB and to advancing numerous lines of intervention against the vector or pathogen, and others directed at improving the ability of citrus plants to withstand or tolerate HLB infection.

Results of listening to stakeholders and researchers about next steps in developing and delivering HLB solutions is moving to CRDF Committee analysis, and in April, we will refine this information with input from the National Academy of Sciences Study that will be completed at that time.

We anticipate that following approval at the April Board of Directors Meeting, the call for pre-applications for 2018 projects directed at hypothesis testing (Research Management Committee) and those in support of delivering solutions to growers (Commercial Product Delivery Committee) will be announced.

CRDF also is refining and redesigning some aspects of the application materials and instructions. Those used in prior cycles remain posted on this website, but we intend to replace these with updated versions prior to the April Call for Pre-Proposals. Please stay tuned for more information and the posting of the call for pre-proposals.