Commercial Product Delivery Proposals (17) Approved for Funding*

938C Richardson AgroSource, Inc. Large Scale Laboratory/Greenhouse/Field Trial Evaluation of Citrus HLB Bactericidal Therapies
937C Richardson AgroSource, Inc. FireWall™ and FireLine Studies to Support Section 18 for Citrus Canker Control in Round Oranges
936C Richardson AgroSource, Inc. FireWall™ Section 18 Grapefruit Field Use Evaluation
15-035C Rogers UF Continuing support of Citrus Health Management Areas
15-036C Rogers UF Correlating pesticide residue analysis with psyllid feeding to improve protection of young trees
15-038C Stelinski UF Insecticide resistance monitoring and management in Florida citrus to maintain sustainable control of Asian citrus psyllid within Citrus Health Management Areas
15-030C Rogers UF Continuing Field Trial Support for CRDF CPDC
15-032C Irey Southern Gardens Citrus Continued Support for the Southern Gardens Diagnostic Laboratory
15-034C Roberts UF Continuation of diagnostic service for growers for detection of Huanglongbing in citrus and psyllids to aid in management decisions
15-040C Triplett UF Rapid turn-around evaluation of up to 1200 promising antimicrobial compounds (or combinations), using the L.crescens assay
15-043C Wang UF Rapid turn-around evaluation of up to 25 antimicrobial compounds for efficacy in reducing titers of the bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter on diseased 6-year old trees Hamlin on Swingle.
15-037C Santra UCF T-SOL™ antimicrobial for the management of citrus canker and HLB
15-031C Etxeberria UF Development of a laser-based system to deliver antimicrobials to citrus trees: Greenhouse testing
15-016 Hall USDA-ARS High-Throughput Inoculation of Transgenic Citrus for HLB Resistance
15-039C Stover USDA-ARS Secure site for testing transgenic and conventional citrus for HLB and psyllid resistance
15-033C Orbovic UF Support role of the Citrus Core Transformation Facility remains crucial for research leading to production of Citrus plants that may be tolerant or resistant to diseases.
15-045C Zale UF Continued Funding for the Mature Citrus Facility to Produce Disease Tolerant, Transgenic Citrus

The above list of 2015 Product Delivery and Service/Support Proposals has been selected for funding* by the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors at their meeting June 18, 2015 based on recommendations by the Commercial Product Delivery Committee relative to the other proposals received.

Please note that on several of the projects funding will be contingent on recommendations for changes to Objectives, Duration and/or Budget that have been made by the Committee.*

You will be notified within the next few days of the specific changes that have been recommended to your proposal, and advised which documents must be revised.  PI’s whose project funding is contingent on the recommendations will be expected to re-submit the required documents as outlined in your notification within 15 days to be considered for final approval.

Please direct any questions to [email protected]