Commercial Product Delivery Committee

The Commercial Product Delivery Committee is responsible for working with sponsored research partners to insure intellectual property rights are protected and commercial partners for manufacturing and marketing the technology are identified. This Committee will also work with entities licensed to use the technology to obtain regulatory approvals. The Committee will also support the industry need for re-registration or changes to labels on existing pesticides. The committee will include at least two (2) Category 1 members of the Board. Nominated Non-Board committee members will be approved by the Board.

Non-Board committee members may vote on matters coming before the Commercial Product Delivery Committee but shall not be entitled to vote on matters coming before the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Commercial Product Delivery Committee will be a Category 1 Board member.

  • William B. (Ben) McLean III, Chairman
  • N. Larry Black, Jr.
  • Jacqueline K. Burns, Ph.D.
  • Joe L. Davis, Jr.
  • Ricke A. Kress
  • Jerome M. (Jerry) Newlin
  • Hugh W. Thompson III


  • Timothy A. Anglea, Ph.D.
  • Holly L. Chamberlain
  • David Howard, Vice Chairman
  • Peter McClure
  • Patricia Ouimet, Ph.D.
  • Anderson H. (Andy) Rackley
  • Brian Scully, Ph.D.
  • Shannon Shepp
  • Tom Stopyra
Project Managers
  • James A. Dukowitz, PhD.
  • Catherine N. Hatcher, Ph.D.
  • Stephanie Slinski, Ph.D
  • James Syvertsen, Ph.D.
  • Tom Turpen, Ph.D.

Link to CPD Project Managers Quarterly Progress Reports

The above link contains the CRDF Commercial Product Delivery Project Managers Quarterly Progress Reports beginning with June 2012.

Antibiotic Strategy paper 10-13-2013 – An Outline of the Antimocrobial Strategy



The CRDF Board of Directors has identified eight of the most promising research programs and has tasked the Commercial Products Delivery Committee (CPDC) to begin work on creating roadmaps, timelines and other assistance to facilitate their commercialization for the benefit of the Florida citrus industry. As these projects move forward, there may be opportunities for growers, nurseries, processors and packers to participate in pilot programs and other development activities. Read More