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  1. cindy auer says:


    Could you please tell me if there will be another request for proposals for the New Molecules to Combat HLB program?

    Thanks for your time.

    Cindy Auer

  2. Hello,

    Recently I read an article about Candidatus Liberibacter and its impact on the orange industry. I am a researcher living in California and would like to get into contact with a local grower with a Candidatus Liberibacter crop infection. Could you please advise me?

    Thank you.


    Jeff Vance

  3. To whom it may concern, august, 2012

    I would like to explore the possibility of a partnership between CETPA (Centre de Stockage et de Transformation de Produits Agricoles et Co.)
    Our company CETPA is located in the heart of Haiti’s agricultural basin,35 miles or 1 ½ hour from Port-de-Prince, in the central plateau region. We provide agricultural products, mainly mangoes, to the United States.

    I believe that if our business and were to partner we could both benefit from increase in client base and revenue and reduced expenditures.

    . in partnering with CETPA, would and receive the following benefits:
    • 100 hectare of cultivated land
    • Edifice under construction, 165 x 56 feet, divided in 12 rooms
    • Storage 9000 sacks 50kg (beans and others) 50 Kg each

    What we ourselves need is technical support and capital.
    If you feel this partnership does not fit your needs, please consider another form of cooperation, such as distribution of CEPTA products.

    I would be very interested in discussing my ideas for a potential partnership between CEPTA and Clinton Bush Haiti found
    and invite you to contact me at any time. I can be reached Via email at [email protected]. You can call me at (718)440-1101, or at the mailing address listed above. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Louis Estiverne

  4. John Stephens says:

    We, as growers, are having a really difficult time trying to read the quarterly research report updates. We have followed the alternative route that is suggested, but we still just get a blank update submission form. Some, if not all of this information is of interest to myself and others. What would be the best wy to access these updates?

    John Stephens

  5. May I have an update on the Funding presented; and research for HLB and citrus, taking place beginning April 2014.
    We would be interested in taking part in some way either thru a discussion or applying for a grant approval for research. More information is available from James Quinn, Owner Horticultural Alliance, Inc. 800-628-6373 or by visiting or for our current efforts.

    info received from link—

    Elaine Quinn
    Marketing Analyst

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