Final Report

An abstract of the project should be completed on the  Final pdf Abstract-Executive Summary (rev 2018) form and submitted by email to within 30 days of the project end date.

Steps to submit the final .pdf form

  1. The final abstract – Executive Summary – is due 30 days after the project termination date, along with the comprehensive final report.
  2. This final abstract, or executive summary, should be limited to approximately 750 words and should be a summary of the comprehensive report and provide a non-technical abstract and summary of results and outcomes of the project.  It should NOT include proprietary information, and should be detailed enough without compromising the PI’s ability to publish to protect IP.
  3. The final abstract will allow CRDF and the broader industry to understand the progress toward the objectives of the project and subsequent research or products developed as a result.
  4. Download the Final Abstract-Executive Summary progress report .pdf form

    Final pdf Abstract-Executive Summary (rev 2018)

  5. Complete all fields and save the report locally naming it with your project number, PI name and reporting period, i.e. 999-smith-Dec2015.pdf
  6. Email to CRDF at

All previously submitted .pdf Research Progress Reports can be accessed at the following link:   Progress Report Search

In addition to the final report abstract posted on the quarterly reporting pdf form, a comprehensive final report is required to be submitted by email to within 30 days of the project end date.

The comprehensive final report should be a Word file which includes the following elements:

  • PI, Title of Project, Project # and Duration (start and end dates)
  • Abstract (as submitted on the progress report form)
  • Project Objectives
  • Major accomplishments of the project per objective – progress towards stated milestones,
  • Major shortcomings and unfinished business
  • Opportunities going forward and next steps toward application of results
  • A complete list of all publications resulting from this project

Please include progress for all collaborators or subcontractors involved in this project in this single report.

The final report is not page limited and constitutes the last deliverable of the project from the PI that will allow completion of the contract and final payment.  The report will be used to evaluate accomplishments of the project against CRDF program goals and to evaluate the opportunity for follow-on research resulting from the project just completed.