Grower Participation

The CRDF Board of Directors has identified eight of the most promising research programs and has tasked the Commercial Products Delivery Committee (CPDC) to begin work on creating roadmaps, timelines and other assistance to facilitate their commercialization for the benefit of the Florida citrus industry. As these projects move forward, there may be opportunities for growers, nurseries, processors and packers to participate in pilot programs and other development activities.

The eight projects are as follows:

□   Psyllid Control: Neonicotinoid label modification to allow for additional applications per season. This will be particularly important for protection of new plantings from HLB infection.

□   Psyllid Control (RNAi) to continue research and development toward creation of new psyllid control products based on gene disruption to combat HLB.

□   Identifying, testing and development of new Antibacterials to suppress HLB

□   Increasing Genetic Disease Resistance to citrus canker through advances in canker resistance trait and mature tissue transformation research and development.

□   Citrus Gene Therapy using CTV vectors to test the ability of various antimicrobial genes to interrupt or prevent HLB disease.

□   Advanced Citrus Production Systems for high density plantings and related horticultural intensification to assist plantings to reach production and profitability earlier in time, a major defense against the effects of HLB and other diseases.

□   Disease Detection: Canine “scouting”. Progress in detection of citrus canker using canine “scouting” may have specific applications, and opportunities to use this technology are near term.

□   Diaprepes Root Weevil Control. Pheromone development has advanced through research and is close to commercialization. Root injury by weevils is part of the complex interaction that leads to tree health decline, and the impact is greater in presence of root insects and disease.

Please look over the eight projects listed above and indicate those projects in which you have a potential interest in participating, and forward the information to the CPDC program manager ([email protected]) along with the following information:

1. Name, address, phone number, e-mail address of business entity

2. Name of contact person, along with contact information

3. For growers, the acreage that could potentially be made available for field trials, along with a statement of company policy regarding waiver of liability during conduct of field trials.

As opportunities arise, we will contact you with more information.

Thanks for your cooperation!