MAC Website – Stakeholder Funding Opportunities

The USDA, APHIS Multi-Agency Coordinating Group (MAC) is charged with recommending the best use of congressional funds allocated to help delivery solutions to HLB.  MAC has been addressing this charge with a series of projects that are now being implemented.  On July 2, USDA posted the announcement soliciting individuals and groups to provide their ideas of solutions that may be ready for field testing or adoption.               Submission of ideas is invited through a Stakeholder Suggestion process, which is described in the following link: . Funding is allocated based on a Stakeholder Suggestion process. Industry, academia, and State and Federal researchers are all welcome to submit suggestions for potential funding through the Stakeholder Project Suggestion portal which will be open from July 1 through August 22. Suggestions should be for the scaling up or testing of methods that have been proven by previous research to be of near-term utility to the citrus industry for combatting HLB and its vector. The Stakeholder Project Suggestion System can be found at Guidelines for submitting suggestions can be found at If there are questions on submitting a suggestion, please email [email protected].