No Unsolicited CRDF Pre-Proposals or Proposals at This Time

CRDF is engaged in a number of important processes that will help shape future directions for funding of research and delivery projects.  It has been eight years since the original call for HLB proposals from the industry, and over 400 projects have been supported.  These represent a wide array of topics and potential solutions, and collectively have contributed substantially to our understanding of HLB and to advancing numerous lines of intervention against the vector or pathogen, and others directed at improving the ability of citrus plants to withstand or tolerate HLB infection.

As we draw towards the end of 2017, CRDF is analyzing the current project portfolio.  In addition, we have sought outside analysis of the breadth, quality of science and potential to deliver solutions from an expert panel of disciplinary experts, and anticipate their reasoned results and recommendations in the first quarter of 2018 to guide us forward.  CRDF also has adjusted its capability, bringing professional project management to Florida to assist with prioritization and coordination of efforts to deliver solutions.

Through these activities, we anticipate being well prepared to incorporate outside recommendations into our internal analysis to offer prioritized calls for proposals in the early portion of 2018.  This will involve pre-proposals to conduct hypothesis-driven research, as well as focused Invitations to move existing ideas and candidate solutions closer to deployment by growers, the latter becoming the primary focus of the Florida industry’s HLB response programs.

CRDF will publically announce when the pre-application period will open following our prioritization process.