Progress Report Submission

* Progress Report pdf File Submission Procedures *

March, June and September Quarterly and Final pdf Reports – email to [email protected]

PI’s are no longer required to log in to upload reports from the reporting page.

The March, June and September quarterly .pdf reports (due April 15, July 15, October 15) and Final .pdf report (due within 30 days of termination) files should be emailed to [email protected] as follows:

Steps to submit the .pdf report form 

  1. Download the progress report pdf form found at -> Researchers
    Progress Report (2017)
  2. Complete all fields and save the report locally naming it with your project number, PI name and reporting period, i.e. 999-smith-Dec2015.pdf
  3. Email to CRDF at [email protected]

All previously submitted Progress Reports can be accessed at the following link:   Progress Report Search

December Annual and Final Comprehensive Reports – email to [email protected]

A more detailed Annual Report for the quarter ending December 31st (due January 15) and Comprehensive Final Report (due within 30 days of termination) must be submitted to CRDF by email to [email protected] which includes the following elements:

  • PI, Title of Project, and Duration (start and end dates)
  • Project Objectives
  • Major accomplishments per objective
  • Major shortcomings, unfinished business
  • Opportunities going forward
  • Publications from this project

The comprehensive reports have no page limit and will be used to evaluate accomplishment of the CRDF program goals and to evaluate the opportunity for follow-on research resulting from the project annually and upon completion.

All Reporting Requirements are detailed at -> Researchers -> Post Approval Management, found at the following link:

Questions should be directed to [email protected]