Submitting A Proposal

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Citrus Research and Development Foundation is revising their process for the 2018 funding cycle. As a result, the 2018 forms and instructions will change.

The prior cycle forms and instructions currently posted remain for background information only at this time.

Updated versions of forms and instructions will be posted prior to the April 2018 Call for Preproposals.

The completed invited application for funding from CRDF is submitted electronically according to the instructions below. Prior to submission, proposals should be circulated for final review among principals, and should be submitted for institutional review and approval where appropriate. Evidence of institutional commitment to the project should be provided with the application. All components of the application package should be completed prior to initiating the electronic submission process.

Assembly and Submission of the Package

Once you have completed the construction of the elements of the full proposal as instructed in the Developing a Full Proposal Page, and have the files available, you are ready to submit the application.

To submit the application package, manually compose a new email message using the address of [email protected]. In the subject line of the email, please enter your PI name and the project number. Then attach the application files as shown in the checklist below. Be sure there are no special characters (! @ # $ % &) in your file names. Please include all elements of the proposal package in the single email, and also be sure to use separate email submissions if you are submitting more than one full proposal.

In summary, the full proposal package should contain the following elements:

1. Combined Full Proposal Cover Page  and  Budget (Form CB-11) and justification

2. Project Narrative

a.       Introduction

b.      Project Narrative

c.       Relevance of Project to the Program Priorities

d.      Experimental Approach

e.      Practical Application

f.        Cost/Benefit of Proposed Intervention (if applicable)

3. Summary of previous related work if the proposed project is follow-on of a previous CRDF-funded project.

a. Title of previous project
b. Objectives of previous project
c. Significant results of previous project, including publications.
d. How this new proposal relates to the previous project and its findings

4. Literature cited in the Project Narrative

5. Additional budget forms and narrative:

a. Supplemental: Subcontract Budget (Form SC-11)
b. Current and Pending Support Form
c. Personnel Allocation Form

6. Appendices

a. Resumes required for all key personnel.
b. Institutional Authorization form.
c. Letters of authorization from each institutions with a  Subcontract Budget.
d. Other Relevant Information

Send all the above documents as attachments in this single email message to CRDF. Copying yourself in the email message will ensure that it sends correctly.