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  1. Mary Alice Wojcik says:

    CAPT 11- We are using a one year budget and the totals are not calculating automatically and it’s not linking to the proposal cover sheet. What do we need to do to resolve this issue?


    Mary Alice

    • CATP11 – Per the instructions, if you enter 0′s in all of the right hand column of all fields on the budget pages 4 and 5 (years 2 & 3 that do not apply to your project), the budget will calculate properly.
      Please advise if there is still an issue after doing so.

  2. Thank you for posting the results of your Preproposal reviews. We noticed that our Preproposal was not invited to submit a Full Proposal. Will the Foundation be providing any feedback to the researchers that did not get invited regarding the reasons for not being approved? We would also like to commend you on the excellent new website–it is much easier to use that the old one.

    • Pre-proposal applicants compete for an invitation to submit full proposals based on a combined evaluation of both the Scientific Advisory Board and Research Management Committee of the Foundation for scientific quality and likelihood of a practical impact in mitigating loss from infectious disease.

  3. Mojtaba Mohammadi says:


    Is it possible to send me a list of all ACP/HLB research projects that have been funded by CRDF in that last 10 years or so? I need the list to add it to our CRB list of projects on ACP/HLB. I am getting the information from CRDF webpage but there are lot of redundancies when I move to the next page.

    Thank you.

    Moji Mohammadi, Ph.D.
    Associate Scientist
    Citrus Research Board
    Visalia, CA 93291


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