In 2009, the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (CRDF) was formed to coordinate citrus research funding in the face of huanglongbing (HLB, also known as “citrus greening”). While it addresses the full array of citrus research needs, CRDF has focused on HLB because it represents an existential threat to the Florida citrus industry.

    Thank you,  Bobby Barben  and  Jerry Newlin,  for ten years of service on the Board of Directors and various committees!  Your dedication, time and continuing efforts are most appreciated!
    – CRDF Staff and Growers

  • 2019 RFP - Full Proposals Invited on 27 Projects

    The Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce 27 Preproposals received in the 2019 call for proposals have been approved for submission of Full Proposals. LEARN MORE »


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June 2019

Finance & Audit Committee Meeting
June 10, 2019

Box Tax Advisory Committee
June 12, 2019
FCM Annual Conference, Bonita Springs

Board of Directors
June 12, 2019
FCM Annual Conference, Bonita Springs

July 2019

Board of Directors
July 23, 2019
UF-CREC, BHG, Lake Alfred, 10am

Researcher Spotlight

Dr. Judith K. Brown, School of Plant Sciences, The University of Arizona, and Dr. Jawwad Qureshi, Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida, Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, presentations on “A study system for discovery and development of dsRNA biopesticides as potential components of HLB/ACP management”