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    In 2009, the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (CRDF) was formed to coordinate citrus research funding in the face of huanglongbing (HLB, also known as “citrus greening”). While it addresses the full array of citrus research needs, CRDF has focused on HLB because it represents an existential threat to the Florida citrus industry.

  • Call for Grower Cooperators for Stage 1 Scion Trials to evaluate new citrus scions that may have elevated tolerance to HLB.

    See the banner immediately below for full details.

  • Call for Grower Cooperators for Scion Stage 1 Field Trials

    The Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) is establishing new field trials to evaluate new citrus scions that may have elevated tolerance to HLB. The trials are to be planted in late 2023 or the spring of 2024. The goal of the trials will be to identify plant material with the traits needed by growers to realize the highest possible pounds solids per acre and increased tree viability in the HLB era. The CRDF scion trial will be a Stage 1 field trial assessing new genotypes, most of which have not been fully evaluated and do not have sufficient “resumes” to be completely confident of success, which is why caretaking compensation to grower-cooperators is prescribed. Nevertheless, they have been selected by growers and scientists for these trials because of their potential. LEARN MORE »

  • RFP-Application of OTC in Combination with Other Antimicrobials-Projects Invited to Submit Full Proposals

    CRDF wishes to thank all who submitted a preproposal for the RFP Application of OTC in Combination with Other Antimicrobials. The following researchers have been invited to submit a full proposal: #23-014 O. Batuman: Determining the effect of oxytetracycline on Asian citrus psyllid feeding, CLas transmission, and insect microbiota. #23-015 Z. He: Integration of OTC trunk injection with root growth enhancers for sustaining citrus production of the HLB-affected groves. #23-016 N. Killiny: Assessment of CLas population, transmission efficiency, and antibiotic residues after trunk-injection with OTC and FANA in field trees. #23-017 A. Levy: Improving oxytetracycline upload into the phloem. #23-018 K. Mandadi: Trunk injection-based evaluation of novel anti-CLas chemistries and OTC combinations for Florida citrus and HLB disease management. LEARN MORE »


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