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Research Management Committee

The Research Management Committee is responsible for determining research priorities for the Corporation, soliciting research and demonstration proposals from appropriate entities, managing the proposal review process and recommending to the Board of Directors the research priorities and recommendations on the proposals to be funded. The committee shall consist of Category 1 directors and may include other persons who are not members of the Board of Directors who are appointed by the Board. Such persons may vote on matters coming before the Research Management Committee but shall not be entitled to vote on matters coming before the Board of Directors.


  • Aaron Himrod, Chair
  • Deeley Hunt
  • Matt Machata
  • Ron Mahan
  • Jeanna Mastrodicasa, Ph.D.
  • Morgan Porter


  • Scott Adkins, Ph.D.
  • Bobby Barben
  • Larry Black
  • Holly Chamberlain
  • Steve Farr
  • Ned Hancock
  • David Howard
  • Ed Leotti
  • Tom Obreza, Ph.D.
  • Daniel Scott
  • Brian Scully, Ph.D.
  • Shannon Shepp
  • Wayne Simmons
  • Buddy Strickland
  • John Updike