Plant Improvement Committee

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Plant Improvement Committee

The Plant Improvement Committee is responsible for evaluating germplasm for the purpose of assisting plant breeders in where to place germplasm in the plant breeding pipeline. The Committee shall also recommend advancement of said germplasm as well as which creations are placed in last-stage field trials or recommended for mass propagation. Committee membership represents commercial citrus growers, processors, nursery growers, and the CRDF board.

Plant Improvement Committee (CRDF BOARD MEMBERS)

  • Dr. Chris Gunter
  • Aaron Himrod
  • David Howard*
  • Joby Sherrod

Plant Improvement Committee (NON-BOARD MEMBERS)

  • Larry Black*
  • Steve Callaham
  • Peter Chaires**
  • Dave Crumbly
  • Ned Hancock*
  • Gio Ijpkemeule
  • Nate Jameson
  • Scott Lambeth
  • Ed Leotti*
  • Brandon Page**
  • Brian Randolph
  • Erin Rosskopf**
  • Jim Snively
  • Pete Spyke
  • Ricardo Violante
  • Rosa Walsh**
  • Tamara Wood**
  • Wes Johnson

* Also a member of the Research Management Committee
** ad-hoc member, non-voting