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Apply For Funding

Applying for Directed Research or Off-Cycle Citrus Research Funding

RFP – Field Trial of Potential Year-Three HLB Treatments for OTC Treated Trees 

 CRDF is seeking bids to evaluate  experimental HLB treatments that will identify whether trees that have been treated with OTC injections for two years will maintain health, yield, and fruit quality through the third year without an additional OTC treatment  and if  the proposed experimental treatments contained herein will have an effect on tree performance and productivity.
There is no requirement for Preproposals with this RFP – Full Proposals must be submitted to, and received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. 
A second RFP, much broader in scope, is expected to be posted the beginning of April. Please check back for full details and the requisite timeline. 

Directed Research and Off-cycle Funding

On occasion, CRDF invites a Directed Research proposal to address an immediate specific topic, outside of the RFP process.  As well, CRDF accepts off-cycle proposals from researchers for research projects that have the potential to dramatically improve tree health or increase fruit yield and quality in HLB affected trees.  On those occasions, submission instructions can be found at the following link:

Instructions for Preproposal and Proposal Submission

Funding Forms

Next Steps for Applicants:

Full proposals may be ineligible for review and funding if:

  • The applicant was not on the list of pre-proposals invited to submit a full proposal
  • The Full Proposal was not received by the deadline indicated in the instructions
  • Formatting guidelines (font size, page limitations, page/line numbering, etc.) were not followed, or,
  • Any of the required documents are missing (cover sheet, budget information, report on prior funded project, etc.).