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RFP РApplication of OTC in Combination with Other Antimicrobials 

Pre-proposals Invited to Submit Full Proposals:

The Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) wishes to thank all who submitted a preproposal in response to the RFP for Application of OTC in Combination with Other Antimicrobials.

The following researchers and projects have been invited to submit full proposals:

#23-014 O. Batuman: Determining the effect of oxytetracycline on Asian citrus psyllid feeding, CLas transmission, and insect microbiota.
#23-015 Z. He: Integration of OTC trunk injection with root growth enhancers for sustaining citrus production of the HLB-affected groves.
#23-016 N. Killiny: Assessment of CLas population, transmission efficiency, and antibiotic residues after trunk-injection with OTC and FANA in field trees.
#23-017 A. Levy: Improving oxytetracycline upload into the phloem.
#23-018 K. Mandadi: Trunk injection-based evaluation of novel anti-CLas chemistries and OTC combinations for Florida citrus and HLB disease management.

The RFP announcement and detailed instructions for completing your Full Proposal are outlined in the RFP-Trunk Injection of OTC with Antimicrobials_. Full proposals are due by the 5:00 pm EST on Friday, May 26, 2023.

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Next Steps for Applicants:

Full proposals may be ineligible for review and funding if:

  • The applicant was not on the list of pre-proposals invited to submit a full proposal
  • The Full Proposal was not received by the deadline indicated in the instructions
  • Formatting guidelines (font size, page limitations, page/line numbering, etc.) were not followed, or,
  • Any of the required documents are missing (cover sheet, budget information, report on prior funded project, etc.).