Submit Research Ideas for an HLB Solution

Submit Research Ideas for an HLB Solution

Research Idea Form

CRDF and the Florida citrus industry at large often receive inquiries and communication relating to potential solutions for HLB. These solutions range from chemical materials to control the vector (the Asian citrus psyllid, referred to herein as ACP) to materials that may affect the survival or pathogenicity of the bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus, which causes the disease.

CRDF, on behalf of Florida citrus growers, is interested in following all leads that may provide tools to combat this disease. For those who would like to share ideas and perhaps initiate interaction with CRDF to further explore opportunities, we have established the following procedures to communicate the nature of the idea and allow for appropriate follow-up. By following these simple steps, those seeking to discuss opportunities can assist us in responding appropriately.

• Your complete name (and company name if appropriate) and contact information (preferably phone and email address)
• A brief description of your idea or material that might be of interest to HLB management or mitigation
• Basis or evidence that the idea has merit – preliminary data, tests with related systems, etc. This does not need to be shared explicitly, but rather described to characterize what is known to support the proposed use against HLB or ACP. Why do you think this idea will affect ACP or HLB?
• What is the Intellectual Property situation related to this idea – If known, who has protected it, what are the current conditions of IP? What is your role in IP?
• What is yours or your company’s proposed role in moving this idea forward?
• What is required or requested of CRDF?

Once the form below has been submitted, our program managers will review and follow up on the information provided. This will allow us to respond to inquiries in a timely and productive manner.

Please understand that CRDF does not routinely conduct research. Instead, it is primarily a funding foundation, and the proposals it funds are almost entirely the result of a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. That is, CRDF will, from its involvement in the industry, determine topics which it believes should be researched. These topics are formally published in an RFP on the CRDF website. All interested parties may submit proposals for CRDF’s consideration.

Occasionally CRDF will consider a proposal “off-cycle,” meaning that it is not pursuant to an RFP. Potential industry impact, regulatory cost or grower interest are examples of reasons that a proposal may be considered off-cycle. These are not regular occurrences, however.

Sometimes there are ways we can help you that may not involve funding. For example, if we believe your idea needs further study but you do not have the expertise to do it, we can connect you to a University of Florida researcher or other professional researcher who may be able to help. Also, if we believe your idea is sufficiently meritorious and to the point where it needs to be tested in the field, we can often help find a grower-cooperator for you.

Thank you for your interest in assisting the Florida citrus industry.


  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 2 MB.