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Vector and Pathogen

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In an effort to foster communication among the growers and stakeholders, this portal exists for you to share comments, ideas and questions about the Vector and Pathogen.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will CRDF moderate, edit or delete comments?
CRDF reserves the right to moderate comments for length, but otherwise will not moderate or edit comments. However, it reserves the right to delete comments or not publish them at all.

I don’t think my comment violates the guidelines, but I still don’t see it posted. Why?
We have a thin staff which may result in a delay in posting your comment even if we deem it satisfactory for publication. If you haven’t seen it in a few days, give us a call and we’ll run it down.

What else should I know?
We want you to know that CRDF is listening, so CRDF staff may interact with commenters.