2019-11_18-032C – Preventing young trees from psyllids and infection with CLas through use of protective netting

Preventing young trees from psyllids and infection with CLas through use of protective netting

Report Date: 12/13/2019
Project: 18-032C   Year: 2019
Category: ACP Vector
Author: Fernando Alferez
Sponsor: Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc.

During this 4th quarter of the Project we have continued our work as predicted in the Chronogram.
Objective 1: We continued monitoring tree trunk diameter (rootstock and scion) and canopy areas. So far, no differences were found in trunk diameter, but leaf and canopy areas are bigger in IP-covered trees. All IPC-covered trees are still HLB-negative. After replacing the old 4-ft IPCs with new 8-ft covers, donated by The Tree Defender, Inc, canopy area expanded by branch unfolding. We have documented this by photography and also by leaf are index measurements. Objective 2. We have already planted most of the 700 trees of SugarBelle, Tango and Early Pride mandarins. After performing initial measurements of the tree parameters (trunk diameter, and leaf sampling, for CLas, chlorophyll and sugar analysis), we will continue regularly with these analysis.
Objectives 3 and 4. We are continuing monitoring fruit development inside the IPCs and comparing this with our CUPS planting. We are going to assay this winter deficit irrigation to induce blooming in both IPC and CUPS. We have set up an irrigation system that will allow to perform these studies.

Outreach, Professional Presentations and Extension Activities for this quarter : – A CUPS Day.“CUPS, mini-CUPS and other strategies to manage HLB”. Talk on “Individual Protective Covers” . SWFREC, to be delivered on Dec 17. 45 people registered. -International invited seminar at IVIA, Valencia, Spain. “Living with HLB. The new reality of Florida Citriculture”. -Industry Magazine Article: “Individual Protective Covers for Psyllid Exclusion and HLB Disease Prevention in Young Trees”. Citrus Industry, October 2019.

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