Continued Support of the Southern Gardens Diagnostic Laboratory

Continued Support of the Southern Gardens Diagnostic Laboratory

Report Date: 03/08/2022
Project: 21-002C   Year: 2021
Category: CLas Bacteria
Author: Michael Irey
Sponsor: Citrus Research and Development Foundation

1. Please state project objectives and what work was done this quarter to address them:

This report is for the second quarter of year 1 of project 21-002C – Continued Support of the Southern Gardens Diagnostic Laboratory. This project provides HLB testing for researchers, growers and homeowners. A total of 9,119 samples were run during the 3 month period. All samples were plant samples, mostly from large scale research trials. The majority of the samples (78%) were from the first two months of the quarter. Partly due to vacation schedules associated with the Christmas/New Year holidays and partly due to Covid-related personnel issues, less samples were run during December. However, sample volume continue to be high and it is expected that a similar level of samples will be run next quarter. To date, through the first two quarters of the project, 15,587 samples have been run.

2. Please state what work is anticipated for next quarter:

Based on the samples run to date (first two quarters, and samples run through the end of February 2022) and samples that are anticipated (including samples from CRAFT trials), it is expected that the number of samples for year one of the project will be slightly over the budgeted amount. Although it is hard to predict, we are predicting that the sample volume for the first year will be approximately 30,000-32,000 samples compared to the budgeted amount of 28,750/year.

3. Please state budget status (underspend or overspend, and why):

Based on predicted sample load for the remaining two quarters, it is expected that the total sample volume will be above the budgeted amount for year 1. As has been done in the past, it is anticipated that the final budget at the end of year 2 will be adjusted based on the final sample tally. If less samples are processed than the budgeted amount, the budget will be adjusted downward. Conversely, if more samples are processed, we will ask that the cost of the overage (expendables only) be covered. However, what is new for this project is that the CRAFT project will reimburse CRDF for samples that are submitted through the CRAFT program. To the extent that the overrun of samples is a result of CRAFT samples, CRDF may be reimbursed enough to cover the overall sample overage if there is any.

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