Organic acids compared to conventional acidification for improved nutrient uptake and root physiology

Organic acids compared to conventional acidification for improved nutrient uptake and root physiology

Report Date: 04/10/2023
Project: 20-004   Year: 2023
Category: Horticultural & Management
Author: Davie Kadyampakeni
Sponsor: Citrus Research and Development Foundation

1. Please state project objectives and what work was done this quarter to address them:

Objective 1: Determine effects of lowered soil pH on CLas populations and root physiology including internal root apoplast and vascular tissue pH.

We got our experiment in rhizotrons under way on March 28, 2023 using HLB free trees due to challenges with CLas inculation and are evluating varying pH levels in rhizotrons. All protocols are developed and pretesting for the study is finalized. The portion CLas impacts will be conducted on selected and periodic field root samples from CLas infected trees.

Objective 2: Field test multiple acidification materials including organic acids for tree response CLas suppression, nutrient uptake, and root and vascular pH changes.

In this quarter, we collected soil and leaf tissue samples which show sufficiency in all treatments. We are now evaluating root density, and PCR of selected trees. We also applied all acids and elemental S in the appropriate treatments and are monitoring canopy changes and soil trends as described in the project deliverables. We also picked fruit and did fruit quality determinations in March for one site in Fort Meade.

Results on the objective were shared at the CREC Symposium omn March 24, 2023. The title of the poster was “Impacts of acidification and fertilization on soil quality and citrus tree production”.

2. Please state what work is anticipated for next quarter:
We will finalize harvesting and fruit quality determinations at the Lake Alfred site in April 2023.
The greenhouse and field work portions on objective 1 will continue in April through May 2023.
Early results of the greenhouse work will be shared at the Florida State Horticultural Society (FSHS) annual meeting.

3. Please state budget status (underspend or overspend, and why):
The budget is on track and meeting the project milestones.

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