Part B – The UF/CREC-Citrus Improvement Program’s Field Trial Evaluations (Complementary to Part A- the UF/CREC Core Citrus Improvement Program)

Part B - The UF/CREC-Citrus Improvement Program's Field Trial Evaluations (Complementary to Part A- the UF/CREC Core Citrus Improvement Program)

Report Date: 03/22/2021
Project: 18-039-C   Year: 2021
Category: Plant Improvement
Author: Jude Grosser
Sponsor: Citrus Research and Development Foundation

 True sweet oranges: The most significant results from the grant period were the identification of new sweet orange candidates that repeated for early maturity (consecutive years), and are candidates to replace Hamlin: Nine December 1 – maturity Vernia clones identified (seedlings from selected Vernia somaclones, growing in the Mathew Block at the Lee Family Alligator Grove with no psyllid control): R25-T2,R25-T5, R25-T7, R25-T9, R25-T12, R26-T2, R26-T10, R26-T12 & R26-T14.  A January-maturity OLL clone also repeated for early maturity: FB-4-13 (seedling selection from selected OLL somaclones, growing in Frank’s Block 13-E at Lee Family Groves in St. Cloud with no psyllid control). Four of the early Vernia clones and the early OLL clone were entered into the Parent Tree Program (PTP), using out-of-cycle slots kindly provided by Ben Rosson and Kristen Aslan at DPI.   Orange-like hybrids: A seedless triploid orange-like hybrid C4-8-25 [SugarBelle x (Succari sweet orange + Murcott)] was identified with October maturity, showing 11.85 brix, 5.99 soluble solids and 35+ color score.  This selection was entered into the PTP. Another seedless triploid orange-like hybrid C4-7-29 [Nules Clementine x (Page + Ortanique)] was identified with December/January maturity, showing 15.19 brix, 7.98 lbs. solids and 43+ color score.  This hybrid is showing good HLB tolerance and is already through the PTP, available for expanded trials.  Both of these selections have good juice blending and fresh market potential. Another orange-like hybrid 1859 with good HLB tolerance continued to be a favorite with both processors and fresh fruit packers in our fruit displays.  This selection is just through PTP, and budwood is being increased for advanced trials.  Cybrid Flame Red Grapefruit clone C4-3-32 fruit repeated for making 12 brix, and was highly rated in our January fruit display. The original tree continues to show better HLB tolerance than standard grapefruit, and this selection should be through the PTP sometime this summer.   Tree health index data was collected from the following trials: Duda, Wheeler Bros., Peace River Growers, IMG, Tom Hammond Minneola, Banack, Smoak, Steve Brewer, Bryan Paul and Citra trials.  Juice quality data was collected from the following trials: Wheeler Bros., Citra, Heller Bros., and the Castle Teaching Block Trial. Yield data was collected from Wheeler Bros., IMG, Tom Hammond Minneola, and Bryan Paul trials.  Data analysis and entry onto the Rootstock Data Website: Lykes, Premier, Heller Bros., Greene, Wayne Simmons, Peace River, Jackson Citrus, English Bros., Citrus, IMG, Duda, Lee Family Groves, & Citra trials were reposted to correct UFR codes and/or to add new data; new trials posted included: Banack Fellsmere Scion Rootstock Trial #25; and Raley Vernia Rootstock Trial #26 (Dundee).  Data analyses for subsequent trial updates was performed for (in progress): Wheeler Bros., Heller Bros., Lykes Camp Mack and Basinger, Wayne Simmons, Bryan Paul Doe Hill, Duda, Smoak, Teaching Block, & Tom Hammond Trials.  Data analyses also conducted on Steve Brewer, Hidden Golf Trailer Park, Orange Co. Somaclone, Cody Estes, Serenoa and Post Office trials.      

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