Right Leaf Sampling-The first and most critical step to good nutrition

Right Leaf Sampling-The first and most critical step to good nutrition program

Report Date: 04/26/2021
Project: 20-011   Year: 2021
Category: Horticultural & Management
Author: Tripti Vashisth
Sponsor: Citrus Research and Development Foundation

1. Please state project objectives and what work was done this quarter to address them:1. To determine how many leaf nutrient sampling per year are required to effectively capture the tree nutritional statusand adjust fertilizer accordingly.2. To establish the relationship of leaf nutrient concentration with yield, fruit drop, and canopy density3. To determine how the leaf nutrient (all 14 nutrient) levels change in the tree throughout the year.4. To evaluate how the leaf age affects the leaf nutrient status.The project started this quarter. The main goal for this quarter was to identify sites, mark trees, and collect baseline data.We surveyed 10+ sites to finalize the 4 sites for this trial, two sites are on Ridge and 2 are in southwest.. Ine ach site morethan 100 trees were manually screed for canopy density and disease index rating to identify trees as Mild and Severe. Thefinal data trees were tagged and tree health data such as canopy volume, leaf area index, leaf chlorophyll, leaf size andweight, root density been collected. Leaf samples for starch quantification and leaf, root and soil for nutrient analysis hasbeen collected are being processed. The spring flush has been tagged on the trees.  2. Please state what work is anticipated for next quarter:1. Data analysis and interpretation2. Processing samples for starch3. Tagging summer flush4. Collecting samples for nutrient analysis5. Applying fertilizer treatments based on leaf results   3. Please state budget status (underspend or overspend, and why): Currently, the project is still in the set up phase.The budget is spent as per the plan where major funds have been used for nutrient anlaysis. We have found dedicatedpersonnels to work on this project starting this quarter.       

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