The Texas Citrus Budwood Certification Program 2015-2016  –  1st and 2nd Quarter Report

The Texas Citrus Budwood Certification Program 2015-2016 - 1st and 2nd Quarter Report

Report Date: 04/08/2016
Category: Horticultural & Management
Author: John da Graca
Sponsor: Citrus Research and Development Foundation

OVERVIEW: The Budwood Certification Program continues to build and develop the Foundation and Increase tree collection. Demand for budwood continues to increase and is anticipated to exceed 250,000 this year. PROGRAM OPERATIONS Texas Citrus Budwood Certification Program: 1. Budwood sales during the period were 229,664. Rio Red Grapefruit, Olinda and Standard Valencia Oranges, and Improved Meyer Lemon were the major varieties requested. 2. Much needed maintenance has been conducted on the main screenhouses. The old double poly roof on Screenhouses 1 thru 4 was replaced in November. A new layer of insect screen followed by a new layer of poly followed by aluminet shade cloth was put in place. 3. New roll-up curtains were installed in January to help protect the trees in the screenhouses during inclimate weather. 4. The project to upgrade Phase I of the Screen Structures will begin in the early summer. All existing trees will be removed and the screen and wood frame will be replaced with new galvanized metal frame and new insect screen. New Foundation trees will be planted in the structure when completed. 5. The Budwood Program Database continues to expand and is a key component in the management of the Texas program. The database program contains all records and information for all budwood production and sales, all foundation and increase trees, test results, and chemical applications. This database has the ability for an unlimited range of reporting information on the Texas program, including budwood orders, supply management, sales, testing, pesticide and fertilizer applications, budget analysis, and records needed for all compliance with TDA and USDA regulations. Stephenville Foundation Screenhouse : 1. New, clean Foundation trees continue to be added to established Foundation trees at the Stephenville greenhouse location. There are currently 75 Foundation trees consisting of over 60 different citrus species. Additional trees will be added as they are propagated to bring the total capacity to 100. These trees are being maintained as a reserve source of clean material for the Texas citrus industry. Texas Germplasm Introduction Program 1. The quarantine facility for the Germplasm Introduction Program is nearing completion and will be ready for USDA and TDA certification as a quarantine facility this summer. 2. Mark VanNess (Program Manager) and Sonia Del Rio (Lab Technician) visited the California CCPP in the fall to observe and receive training in their shoot-tip grafting program. Mark and Sonia visited Florida’s Germplasm Introduction Program in January and March to receive training and observe the Florida program. The new Texas program will operate based on the practices learned from both the California and Florida programs. Diagnostic Lab Testing – Foundation/Increase Trees: 1. All Foundation and Increase trees located in Weslaco and the Stephenville greenhouse were tested for HLB in October, 2015, and will be tested again for HLB and CTV in April, 2016. All tests were negative. 2. All Foundation Trees underwent virus/viroid testing in the fall of 2015. All test on all viruses and viroids were negative.

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