One of the most important activities of the CRDF is receiving Quarterly Reports on each of our research projects.

The Citrus Research and Development Foundation maintains a real-time reporting system for its funded projects.  The General Public can review current news and scientific information about our programs as well as view information and progress reports on funded research projects.

This web site contains links to pages that provide detailed information about our projects. Researchers maintain their accounts from the Researcher Log–in Menu, where they provide quarterly updates on their project.

CRDF  Progress Reports
Search and view progress reports by CRDF, CRB and TCPB–funded researchers.


The new Progress Report Search App has been completed.  Please access the Report Search at the following link:

Progress Report Search

Should you have any problems navigating this function, please advise CRDF so that they can be resolved.

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Recent News
Keep up to date with the latest news related to citrus greening & canker.

Recent Publications
Find the most recent research papers that have been published on citrus greening & canker and related topics.