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In an effort to share the Researchers’ most recent progress on CRDF-funded projects, over 3,000 historical quarterly Progress Reports are included in a searchable database to provide stakeholders up-to-date progress on research.

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ACP chemical, biological or biochemical management chemical attractants
ACP monitoring and behavior, cultivation and relationship to CLas
ACP Vector
Canker Pathology
Citrus Genomics
Citrus response to infection: symptoms, defense, CLas spread in the plant, systemic acquired resistance
CLas Bacteria
CLas culture, genomics, molecular biology, and Koch's postulates
Consequences of HLB infection
Conventional breeding for resistance
Conventional Citrus Breeding
Epidemiology and Cultural Control
HLB epidemiology and mitigation of HLB by cultural practices
HLB pathogen and disease detection
HLB Pathology
Horticultural & Management
Model Systems
Model systems, including chemical screening
Transgenic and viral/bacterial vector mediation of citrus resistance to HLB
Transgenic/Metagenomic Mediation of Resistance
Trapping and Repellant Plants
Vector Management
Vector Monitoring, Behavior, Cultivation