The Citrus Research and Development Foundation often uses PowerPoint presentations during Board and Committees meetings, as well as at various grower meetings and other citrus industry events to present information updates.  The content of these presentations is generally of broad interest to those that are affected by HLB and other citrus diseases, and includes information on budgets, project approval, progress in areas of research, and commercial product development project updates.  In an effort to make these presentations more available to the industry, CRDF will share some of these presentations on this page for your information.

Report on RNAi Field Trial by Tim Eyrich

2017 IRCHLB_Grower Day Presentations

Nutrient / HLB Summary_Dr. Syvertsen 4-20-17

Update GBT Tables 4-24-17



Santra presentation at CRDF_02-22-2017

Deployment of Disease Resistant or Tolerant Citrus Rootstocks and Scions – CPDC 10-28-2016_Dr. Catherine Hatcher

BTG Strategic Planning Presentation to CRDF BoD 2-23-2016

NAREEE Summary presented to CRDF BoD 2-23-16

CRDF Strategic Planning Discussions – Dec. 2015

Knowledge Mapping II Tolerance and Resistance – Dr. Browning 12/7/2015

RNAi Psyllid Shield Presentation – Dr. Turpen 12/7/2015

The Coca Cola Company HLB Update to CRDF-August 2015 – presentation by Dr. Anglea to Board

Funded Projects to Aid Growers in HLB Battle – Dr. Browning 5/25/15

Rootstock Presentation to CPDC – Dr. Grosser 5/19/15

USDA, NIFA, SCRI CDRE Approved Projects List – 3/15

USDA, APHIS MAC Projects Funded List – Multi-Agency Coordination Group Projects 2/9/15

USDA MAC Group-Stakeholder Suggestion Process Funded Projects List 2/9/15

Antimicrobial Strategies – Dr. Slinski 1/27/15

Knowledge Mapping Next Steps – Dr. Logue 1/27/15

Psyllid/RNAi Presentation – Dr. Dawson 9/18/14

Psyllid Shield Presentation – Dr. Keesling 9/18/14

Multi-agency Coordination and Shovel Ready Projects – Harold Browning 8/18/14 at 2014 Citrus Expo

HLB Research Review Process – Presented by Susan Logue 7/22/14

Discussion of Penicillin, Antimicrobial R & D – Presented by Tom Turpen 7/1/14

FDACS DPI Arboretum Experiment – Presented at CPDC 7/1/14

Strategy vs Tactics – Presented by Tom Stopyra 7/1/14

CPDC Quarterly Report April 2014 – CPDC Project Review

Antimicrobial Strategy– GRAS-like compounds

CPDC Quarterly Report January 2014 – CPDC Project Review

CPDC Quarterly Report July 2013 – Commercial Product Delivery Report for March-June

Dr. Harold Browning Presentation at Citrus Expo 8-14-13 – An Update on HLB – Science to Solutions

Dr. Harold Browning Presentation to IRCL 5-31-13 – This presentation was made to the Indian River Citrus League on May 31, 2013.

Antonio Juliano Ayres Presentation to BOD 2-3-13 – This presentation was made in conjunction with the HLB conference in February 2013.  Mr. Ayres with Fundecitrus has generously allowed us to post this presentation.